• BCG Vaccine

    (Tuberculosis Vaccine) What Is Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis, or TB, is a bacterial infection caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium. The bacteria…

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  • Athlete’s foot

    (Tinea Pedis) Athlete’s foot – Definition Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that typically occurs on the feet. The infection…

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  • Vaginal yeast infection

    (Vaginal Candidiasis; Candida Vulvovaginitis; Yeast Infection; Monilial Vulvovaginitis; Vulvovaginal Candidiasis; VVC) Vaginal yeast infection – Definition A vaginal yeast infection…

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  • Urinary tract infection

    (UTI; Lower UTI) Urinary tract infection – Definition Urinary tract infections (UTIs) is an infection in any part of the…

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  • Kidney infection

    (Infection, Kidney; Pyelonephritis) Kidney infection – Definition Kidney infections occur when there is a bacteria infection in one or both…

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